Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Bike Rack and Package from Mightyfrog

Mightyfrog sent us a package of candy from Japan which we are supposed to split between ourselves and everybody at my dad's work. In addition to that, I got a bike rack for my bike in my room. Now all I need to do is wait for my knee to get better from my knee injury... Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys, I fell on my knee at Calabazas 2.5 weeks ago... Getting an MRI on May 1st... Can't wait to get on my bike again!

New bike rack and my favorite
Japanese candy, "Milky"

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break Storm

Wow. No pictures for this one, since it is much to dark to take any (not to mind, much too wet) but San Jose is experiencing a huge storm right now. Heavy rain is pounding on the sidewalks, thunder is rumbling through the streets, and lighting is making the moon look like a flashlight with no battery. Batten down the hatches!